Hello, I Am Gerard Thomas

I'd like to say I am big in Japan... but I'm not.

Through my passions and interests I have managed to do a lot of things in the field of design - from designing motorcycles (Ducati Motorcycles), apparel, and experiential installations (for the likes of Sony, Samsung, Telstra, MountainCycles, NZ Navy...), to doing illustrations for magazines.

I'm that person HR type people can't cope with.

Unashamedly drawn to conceptual ideas and design that can only be described as uniquely Japanese in their thinking and identity, when I am not working on websites I continue to develop my own, increasingly abstract, corner of the science fiction universe... 👇

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An odyssey in short form...

My current work in progress, MAG-100 is a collection of sketch stories that as a whole begin to uncover the history of a far future.

With the writing now complete, I am working on the visual content, you can learn more here.

Based on the format of the legendary 'Panther Science Fiction' paperbacks from the 70s and early 80's, whose covers were graced by so many of the greats from the golden age of science fiction illustration, I always found the simplicity of composition, from fonts to image crops, is what made them so captivating.

Tour of a Universe project was my homage to those covers.

See the covers >


I write, or blog, about my processes and travels through design and art, especially when it comes to my projects. If it's of interest, you can follow my musings in my sketchbook.

alpha strike boxed set

Battletech Take 2: Alpha Strike

11 January 2023

Reading Time: 4 minutes So what’s changed? How’d Battletech go from ‘ponderous’ to ‘a go to’ in one fell swoop?


(SO FAR...)

I have been writing online since 2004, about 'stuff' which interests me - work, hobbies, sport.

This is is my collection of articles, some of which are old, some not so much and all, thus far,  surviving the dreaded cull...

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