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Jan 10, 2023


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10 Jun 2024

dpmp template

Number three, this time an Archer.

I tried to sell the Boy on the idea of painting it up ‘properly’ a.k.a in Macross colours but he was not having a bar of it.

This one took three tries but eventually, someone learnt that trying to rush this stuff does not work and that there’s a methodology and process that needs to be followed. In the end, the Boy did a great job in putting down all the base colours, so all I had to was tidy it up and do the final weathering and details.

Overall, it’s fitting the theme of the ‘operational look’ – read scratched, bashed and worn. What am I not happy with? The dodgy black and yellow striping on the inside of the hatch doors – rough. I might end up redoing them to something simpler until I work out how to do the stripes properly… I am suspecting it might involve a very, very fine brush.

Things to consider… decal kits might be on the radar. I think having some sharp numbers etc. will add a level of focus that’s somewhat lacking. Also, while the Citadel paints and top coats are solid, their brushes are a bit rubbish. The Vellejo are much nicer.


Mechs rebased on Litko 1.5mm clear bases and painted with Vallejo Acrylic Paints


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