Going Desktop

By Gerard Thomas
social media,twitter,instagram

Reading Time: 6 minutes Whether you realise it or not, the amount of ‘valuable’ time you loose to social media apps is completely bewildering. I needed, wanted, a way out.

Rotring Isograph, 600 and other musings.

By Gerard Thomas

Reading Time: 6 minutes Yes, I know I said, and I quote myself, “I love ink pens – fountain pens and old skool Roting Isographs; the line quality just can’t be beaten. But they suck. Messy, temperamental and expensive, both in time, money and sanity, to keep running.”

My top 10 favourite aircraft

By Gerard Thomas

Reading Time: 6 minutes I have always been interested in the design of aircraft, being of the opinion they represent the ultimate expression of the maxim – form follows function.

Inspiration: John Harris

By Gerard Thomas
GErard Thomas Illustration - Inspiration: John Harris

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you like thinking about things far beyond our own mortal concerns, and you like science fiction art, this is a short film well worth your watching.

Remembering Peter Elson

By Gerard Thomas
Peter Elson

Reading Time: 3 minutes There is no doubt, other than Foss, Peter Elson was a powerhouse of the heyday of science fiction illustration and books with his covers always got my attention.

The Military Aesthetic

By Gerard Thomas

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the west it’s near impossible to pick up a newspaper or turn on the boob tube and not see some sort of military action. Visual reference to the military has become part of everyday life, desert tan, woodland cammo.

Masamune Shirow aka Masanori Ota

By Gerard Thomas
Masamune Shirow

Reading Time: 8 minutes I was hooked instantly – hard not to be, as what it held in its pages was so far beyond what I had seen elsewhere; partly because Manga was a fully matured and accepted form of publishing in Japan.

Roy Huxley Rediscovered

By Gerard Thomas
Gerard Thomas Illustration - Roy Huxley

Reading Time: 3 minutes I instantly recognised why his work at the time was so magnetic – it has that ageless ’something’. While I can’t put my finger on just what this something is, Huxley’s Matchbox art has it in spades.

Box Art

By Gerard Thomas

Reading Time: 8 minutes Like the Matchbox art of Roy Huxley, which for me proceeded gaming, I was always captivated by the artwork adorning boxes of many games.

Chris Foss and Me

By Gerard Thomas
Chris Foss

Reading Time: 5 minutes Foss’ visions are those of an industrial space and scale, where the craft are purposeful, work is hard, mechanical, and space unfriendly for people.

Design in Star Wars

By Gerard Thomas
star wars

Reading Time: 6 minutes I want to believe but I fear I might need to step out over a bottomless shaft to find the control that lets me…