Sketchbook, aka Sketchbook Pro, returns

Sketchbook, a.k.a Sketchbook Pro, returns

Reading Time: 4 minutes With any luck, now that it’s sailing under its own sails, and backed by people who really love it, it is only going to keep getting better…. which is kind of a big ask!

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i am gerard thomas - the postit note project

The PostIt note project

Reading Time: 3 minutes But about a week out from the start of Inktober, I had the idea of drawing on PostIt Notes…

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Rotring Isograph, 600 and other musings.

Reading Time: 6 minutes Yes, I know I said, and I quote myself, “I love ink pens – fountain pens and old skool Roting Isographs; the line quality just can’t be beaten. But they suck. Messy, temperamental and expensive, both in time, money and sanity, to keep running.”

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GErard Thomas Illustration - Inspiration: John Harris

Inspiration: John Harris

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you like thinking about things far beyond our own mortal concerns, and you like science fiction art, this is a short film well worth your watching.

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GErard thomas Illustration XP-Pen Star g640 review

XP-Pen Star G640 tablet review

Reading Time: 4 minutes I needed something to save my thumb and XP-Pen’s Star G640 came to the rescue.

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Clip Paint Studio - A real paper replacement?

Clip Studio Paint – a true replacement for pen and paper?

Reading Time: 5 minutes As much as I like pen and paper, having endless sketchbooks or loose sheets pile up, or worse, inadvertently end up in the bin, was a pain.

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Colin Wilson – More than black and white

Reading Time: 4 minutes A strong use of negative space with an almost sketchy, yet controlled line work, Wilson’s panels are dynamic pieces of art.

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Remembering Peter Elson

Reading Time: 3 minutes There is no doubt, other than Foss, Peter Elson was a powerhouse of the heyday of science fiction illustration and books with his covers always got my attention.

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Gerard Thomas Illustration - World War II Infographics review

An Infographic Tour de Force

Reading Time: 3 minutes Unlike most books on the subject, which are either pictorial or voluminous in nature, World War II Infographics takes the interesting approach of interpreting the mountains of statistical data compiled after the war

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The Iliad & The Odyssey by Gillian Cross

Reading Time: 3 minutes Homer: The Iliad & The Odyssey, as presented by Cross and Packer can not be recommended enough

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