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Feb 1, 2023


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10 Jun 2024

dpmp template


So the Boy and I had another go doing up his House Davion colours, on an Atlas this time as I figured the larger size might just make it a little easier.

I was wrong.

What I’ve learnt this time around is that 1. split colour schemes like this are bloody hard to get right and are ALL about process; maybe if one of the colours was not white,it might be easier but as it is, this scheme is a nightmare. And 2. Not giving up and pushing through can achieve a happy outcome.

So, on point 1: What would I do differently? Rather than following a video as we did, which laid down the blue then ‘re-primered’ the sections that were to be white and red, apply those colours, then do a contrast wash, I’d put the white down first, then red, then blue, then wash. Going dark to light meant a lot of re-coating to get the white nice and bright, which of course meant the paint build up started to make things a bit too chunky, even with light washes. This became evident with the contrast wash, as the finer details had become quite shallow, so getting the wash to fill the recesses was very hit and miss. I might also debase first next time, which would make getting in-between the legs a lot easier.

I was more or less happy with the blue and the applied weathering, the white and red not so much but they did have a certain weathered/dirty look that kinda worked in a strange way. Also, I found the Vallejo Matt Varnish to not be very matt, more like a satin… which sucked.

On point 2: Overall I was not happy with the outcome but instead of giving in to my temptation to strip and repaint, I let it sit for a day or two before coming back to it with fresh eyes. When I did, I saw what was wrong – it looked half finished – partly weathered, partly not, it was sitting in no-man’s land. I resorted to some model making techniques I’d read about and went to town on adding wear and tear to the paint with rust, scratches and colour wear. The above images are the end result, which to me anyway, bring a layer of life and realism to the mini and gives it that completed look.

I was so happy with the end result in fact I went back to the locust and gave it the same treatment, which has taken away that popsicle feel the bright colour scheme has and makes it feel a little more real.

Edit: I have since gone over the Atlas with a coat of Citadel Technical Stormshield. This is a great top coat that gives a good matte finish as well as making protective layer for tabletop playing, meaning that it provides a protective layer.

Mechs rebased on Litko 1.5mm clear bases and painted with Vallejo Acrylic Paints


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