By Gerard Thomas
Ral Partha Battletech locust

The seat had a little lump in the lower left that became uncomfortable after too many hours at the stick and while he’d asked them to fix it, or better still, replace the whole bloody thing, here it was.

Salt n Pepper

By Gerard Thomas
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The Urbies of twins Romulus and Remus, commonly known as Salt and Pepper, were more often than not found where they were not not invited.

How fast is too fast? Speed mod rules for Battletech

By Gerard Thomas

As I see it, Battlemechs walk, hence would be unstable weapons platforms (unlike, say, tanks). Make them walk fast, or worse still, run, and pure physics tells us that the ride is not going to be a smooth one, so speed will impact a mech’s ability to land a shot, or conversely, be hit;