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House Davion Locust

Apr 25, 2023


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09 Jun 2024

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This one was a bit of a joint venture between the Boy and I…

The Boy’s keen to build a House Davion lance, so finding a scheme that would be interesting, easily applicable to a range of mechs, plus be a good learning experience, we found this scheme that fitted the bill really well.

There was a bit of a learning lesson for both of us here – only after having the Boy putting down the base colours did I realise darker shades should have gone down first and only then applied the top level as a dry brush; bit of a rookie mistake. That meant darks had to be added on the white after the fact and a lighter blue dry brushed on to get some definition. Not ideal. Doing it this way also meant the colour went down somewhat thicker than I wanted, so up close and under the unforgiving iPhone camera, the paint looks chunky and somewhat clumsy. Still, on the board it looks pretty cool and actually quite sharp, so who’s fussed?

I touched up a few bits after I took these shots and rebasing the mini on a clear disc is so worth the bit of added work.


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