Recorded history, by its nature, is a condensed narrative. But in reality history is built upon the backs of thousands, millions, of people, events and points in time.

Some are related. Some seemingly insignificant. Others profound. The vast majority of them one rarely, if ever, hears about.

An odessey in short form

Presented as a 30x30cm (12x12"), full colour hardback book, MAG-100 is told through a collection of sketch stories. As a collection, the sketches begin to uncover the history of a far future. A history in which mankind, still driven by the machinations of corporate greed, explore the depths of a mysterious, monolithic artefact.


Visuals are an integral part of the sketches, helping to lay the visual foundation of the unique universe of MAG-100.

From sketches to 3D, the visuals work to explore the options of what could be.

the silent catalogue 001 b

The Silent

A dive into the desolation and isolation felt by those exploring the layers of the artefact. 'The Silent' provides a rich visual sub-narrative intertwined within the arc of MAG-100.

"The idea was drunkardly simple - two teams starting at the same point would race out to see who could tap the most N-Stone within a given grid reference..

'The League'

Pitting two or more players against one another in a fast paced, capture the flag style game with strategic twists and turns, 'The League' is a tabletop system, branched from Catalyst Game Lab's rules for Battletech and developed directly from the narrative of MAG-100 and is included as part of the universe.

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