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Welcome to my gallery shop.

Automotive illustration through to cycling t-shirts and art prints, my illustration based products span my own interests and pastimes.

All prints and t-shirts are made to order and shipped globally.

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Having started professional life as a motorcycle designer, I’ve always had an appreciation, and understanding, for automotive design; it’s something that’s in your blood and never leaves.

My AUTO. art is not about creating big, glossy, illustrations but rather attempting to capture the spirit of the greats in the simplest possible way. Car lovers will be able to identify those I portray through the hallmarks of their personality – their characteristic profiles, or unique details.

…and yes, I am open to commissions.


I worked within the cycling industry for 20+ years, during which time I did an awful lot of stuff. What I learnt in that time is that riding a bike means different things to different people, and there are all sorts of reasons people choose to do it.

My BIKE. art, applied to Tshirts, is a combination of tongue-in-cheek fun, and an expression of opinions. Like everything in life, what I do is not to everyone’s liking, and that’s perfectly OK.


If you are a practitioner of Kendō, then you understand that once you start, you will spend your life attempting to perfect it; it can easily become all consuming. So why not show your dedication… even if many won’t quite understand what they are looking at?

Fueled by a strong appreciation of not only the traditions but also Kendō’s historic roots, my KENDŌ. range is kept simple, classic and understated.


Where nostalgia meets mashups or just good old tips of the hat. My Fan Art. is about the things that I loved growing up and still love now. From mecha to British sci-fi, I like to have fun with the icons...


If you MAKE it, or better still, made it, let the world know.
This is my growing range of ‘stuff’ dedicated to those who tinker, create, design and build stuff; often just for the hell of it because it’s just what they do.