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Phoenix Hawk

Feb 18, 2023


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10 Jun 2024

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The last of the House Davion lance – the Phoenix Hawk.

This one went smoothly, from primer to the base colours – the Boy’s getting the hang of it and there was very little clean up to do. We used the same process and the archer, so Citadel Bone primer,then lay down the white red and blue. This time though I tried something a little less shotgun than the contrast wash, instead opting fora modelling ‘panel lining’ technique, using a super fine brush and a thin wash colour (colour mixed with Citadel Contrast Medium and water), lightly filling where I wanted to fill and nothing else. It’s a little more work but I think I actually prefer doing it this way, as it allows one to do all the areas they want to drop back, rather than blasting the whole thing.

After that was done, it was panel colouring and dry brushing, finishing up with some highlighting. On the whole, the painting went smoothly though I need to perfect the panel lining for small minis like this, as there was a bit of run over in areas.

Mechs rebased on Litko 1.5mm clear bases and painted with Vallejo Acrylic Paints

And here’s the whole crew…

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