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Universal tabletop terrain system.

Based on a 38mm (1.5") hex grid, Hex•Engine  allows you to create endless shaped maps of any size.

'Centre points' allow players to count accurate distances, measured centre to centre, eliminating the need for hex grids or tape measures, providing a tabletop experience with a hex based grid convenience.

hex engine tile

Elevation is created through the use of stackable elevation blocks ideal for any gaming system that incorporates line of sight rules.

You can also combine Hex•Engine with any pre-made natural terrain system.

hex engine elevation block
hex engine demo

Paint, draw with wax pencils, flock, or combine techniques to create any type of terrain you wish. And as Hex•Engine tiles can be double sided, each tile effectively offers double the terrain feature choice.

If clear acrylic is used, you can place the times over a coloured 'map' and have instant terrain.

Hex•Engine is sold as a set of cut ready pdf files:

The BASE file, set up to laser cut 112 large base hexes with 'distance' holes.

3 terrain files allowing for 112 each of small, medium and large hexes, ideal for cutting from 25mm/1" high density, close cell foam.

$10 (Australian Dollars)