Auto Union Type C

Porsche threw all caution to the wind and increased the V16’s displacement to just over six litres; boosting the power to a staggering 520 bhp for the Type C. Although this was an obvious improvement, it also made the Auto Unions even more difficult to control. At the time and for years to come the tricky handling was attributed to the engine’s location, but as Cooper proved two decades later there was nothing wrong with that. The unpredictability of the front and rear suspension contributed greatly to the Auto Union’s bad reputation. Only Rosemeyer and to a lesser extent Stuck could get to grasps with the Type C and at the occasions that he did, he was unstoppable.

– Ultimate Car Page

Much has been written about the difficult handling characteristics of this car but its tremendous acceleration was undeniable. A driver could induce wheelspin at 150 mph! The initial list of drivers was headed by Hans Stuck. The engine for 1936 had grown to the full 6 liters and was now producing 520 bhp. In the hands Stuck, Varzi and especially new sensation Bernd Rosemeyer the Auto Union Type C dominated the racing world winning 6 of 12 races and Rosemeyer was crowned European Champion.


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