Porsche 917 Die Sau

Die Sau

“For the 1971 running of the 24 Heurs du Mans, Porsche teamed with SERA, a French aerospace consultancy firm, to produce the most aerodynamically advanced race car of the time. With bulbous fenders, sunken wheel arches, and tail fins, the car was definitely a departure from the norm, a bit unorthodox, and a bit ungainly in appearance. So ungainly, in fact, that the mechanics had taken to calling the car “der Truffeljager von Zuffenhausen”, a derogatory term referring to the car as a truffle hunter because of its “pig-like” proportions.

The car performed well in testing, but was still viewed as an eyesore. Intended to be sponsored by Martini spirits, the car was shown to Count Rossi, and immediately rejected. Rossi forbade Porsche from running the car with his company’s livery, demanding a change be made immediately. With not much time left, going along with the joke, Porsche then had the car painted in a pale rose colour, demarcating the car into sections, and labelling it with various cuts of meat.”

– The Ten Best Porshce Liveries of All Time, Flatsixes.com

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