Porsche 908

Porsche 908

“During that celebration we went to Weissach and the Porsche engineers asked me if I would like to see the new 908/3. They took me over into a darkened corner and took the dust cover off the first 908/3 and invited me to sit in it. It was amazing because there was nothing in front of your feet.

When I got out of the car the Porsche engineers asked me what I thought about their latest baby. I said I thought it was a very good car for Douglas Bader, the famous WWII fighter pilot who lost his legs in an accident before the war. From below your knees, your legs were ahead of the front wheels! There was nothing to protect you.

The 908/3 was built specifically for the Targa Florio and the Nürburgring and Jo and I won the Targa Florio with that car in 1970. It was a great little car and I still get to drive it from time to time courtesy of the Collier Museum in Florida, which owns it. It’s unbelievable what that car can do with 370 horsepower and weighing only 1,100 pounds. It was an amazing car. Manfred Bantley was the engineer who designed it and he never received the credit he deserves.”

– Brian Redman

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