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Salt n Pepper

Jul 30, 2023


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10 Jun 2024

The Urbies of twins Romulus and Remus, commonly known as Salt and Pepper, were more often than not found where they were not not invited. The way the Twins saw it, anywhere a policing action was needed, yet no local policing force was to be found, it was their moral obligation to step in and help restore order. With a smile and a wave, they were always more than happy to help out, didn’t matter if the locals never quite agreed.

Like so many mech jockeys in the outters, Romulus and Remus were fugitives of somewhere closer in. And like many, they had at best what many could only assume was a dubious background. For better or worse, and many would say for the better, they were not the sharpest operators and built a legend around themselves for usually biting off more than they could chew, or at least more than their Urbies could chew. It was a running joke amongst many of the scrappers that if you wanted easy scrap, just find out where ‘The Twins’ were and you’d at least walk away with whatever was left of two Urbies; and out here that was not a bad haul, who could say no to an AC20? How though the twins managed to replace their Urbies with yet …more, was a source of many pub arguments. In fact, the unfettered stream of replacements was almost more legendary than the Twins themselves but whatever the truth, the one given was that the replacements were always painted black and white. And like so much of the lore that surrounded the Twins, the stories behind the paint schemes, and more to the point the motifs, ran rampant.

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‘Pepper’, Romulus’ Urbie was always black with a skull in white; well Romulus thought it looked like a skull. More than a few had noticed, always with a smirk, that the skull motif bore a slight resemblance to the head of early Atlas’. It was said that during one of their self proclaimed ‘policing actions’, Romulus had taken down an Atlas at near point blank range from the rear and to celebrate the victory he painted the skull the next day. That was more than a few mechs ago and despite the fact that Romulus had lost more mechs to Atlas’ since, he continued to paint the skull on every new Urbie he managed to acquire.

Remus’ white Urbie, ‘Salt’, soon became instantly recognised for the purple smiley face. Like Pepper, there was more conjecture to the motif than planets in the outers, but the lore that seemed to carry the most weight was that he did it to piss off Romulus. Part of the hilarity that surrounded the Twins was that even though they were outclassed more often than not, Romulus took himself very seriously, so much so that until whoever worked out just who he was, he kept people on edge. What amused most was despite Romulus’ open bravado, it was actually Remus that most regarded as the more competent of the pair, not that that said a lot.



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