7 years, 10 minutes, 3 panels.

Dec 7, 2023


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11 Dec 2023

iagt sketchbook decision point


Personal projects take many forms and the biggest hurdle many face is the ability to truly focus on them; I admire anyone that takes on, and completes, a personal project; even more so if the the end result is ‘oh wow!’.

As I have been chronicling, The Silent been a very stuttered affair over too many years now. The above doodle, as unexciting as it seems, is a visual clarification of what were three individual projects, which largely accounts for the stuttered affair. Based on a previous page of notes (too scrappy to post!) and a whole lot of contemplation, the three panels clearly defined the ideas and intended executions, segergating them clearly into the three individual projects. But in the brutality of hindsight, while I did this page to help me define what were three projects, the reality is that was really the beginning of the end of the three, as I began to rationalise the single thing that is The Silent.

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