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Dec 7, 2023


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07 Dec 2023

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More sketching. I am not ashamed to say that for years and years I hated sketchbooks. I tried many times, in many formats, since my college days to like them but I just never gelled… sketching on random pieces of paper was just what I did. Late last year finally I decided to try and break that cycle (something about the random bits of paper getting lost/damaged, inadvertently thrown out/hard to file…), so went down to the art shop and came home with two fat sketchbooks and I’ve not looked back.

I started this run of pages on one thing but over the course of the eight pages ended up exploring ideas for The Silent. What I am really liking is that I can look back through the book and find ideas and concepts I had been working on and really liked (well duh, didn’t they tell me that at college??). But the biggest key I have found, where I have always balked at sketchbooks, is to not be precious about what’s going down on the page. I am finding myself drawing over things I started, rather than starting a fresh page and in doing that find far more interesting things emerge. The aim is not to create masterpieces but quickly explore thoughts and ideas. Places like Instagram give the impression, especially to those just starting out, that sketching is some sort of fine art form, where everything is perfect; I do blame in part digital tools for this, as the process is erased along the way and you only see the end result. Sketching is raw and untidy, and yes, the more you do, the better you get, but it’s not final art – it’s brain vomit on a page.

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