Nov 14, 2023


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05 Dec 2023

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Humanity had been sailing the Black Silent for centuries, pushed along by thrust hundreds of years old in its design. Nothing changed and nor was there reason to think that it would. But from within the White Silent came the ores and minerals that defied knowledge… and science.

The unromantically named DSVQA-001 was the first vessel to harness the Quantum drive, a system powered purely by the MAG100 ore found deep within the White Silent. It was one of those cases where the techs got something to work but didn’t quite understand why. So when the DSVQA-001 was fired up for the first time, it silently vanished from view and as far as anyone knew, existence. No word ever came back from its crew.

The design concept of the 001 though led the way for every QNTM drive vessel that followed, though it is often debated if it was the QNTM drive itself, or the left field design thinking that created the radically different form factor.

An unusually large ideation sketch (full A4) in ballpoint.

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