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Dec 7, 2023


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07 Dec 2023

iagt sketchbook peeps 1



I make no bones about it… beyond a certain point I suck at drawing people. Yes, I know I could dedicate myself to learning how to draw people ‘well’ but I simply have too many other things to do. And I can’t be arsed. Lazy I know but considering all the ways one can skirt the issue these days, tracing, photobashing, 3D etc., I don’t see it as a pressing issue in what I am trying to do.

This of course does not mean I don’t want to have people in my work, I do, I just don’t want one more thing to stress over, especially if I think the end result will be rubbish. All this led me down an interesting little sidetrack recently – how to include people in my images but in a stylistic way that still conveys a sense of ‘character’?

The pages out of the sketchbook illustrate the direction I have been playing with since, where the people are presented in a form of gestural silhouette. The direction fits well with what I am looking to achieve with the visuals I am working on as well, where the people are an element of the overall scenario, not a focal point.

And that last image? Well, that’s something else…

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