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Facebook, yea, nah.

Facebook, yea, nah!

I used to think, like everyone else on the planet, that if I had something going on, then I had to use Facebook to reach my ‘tribe’, as Jeff Goins likes to term it.

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The Military Aesthetic

In the west it’s near impossible to pick up a newspaper or turn on the boob tube and not see some sort of military action. Visual reference to the military has become part of everyday life, desert tan, woodland cammo.

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On becoming an ‘adult’

What does being an adult mean? Being boring? Talking about mortgages?

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Welcome to the dark side my Son aka Hackintosh, the land over the Mac horizon.

Say what you want about Apple, they are seriously deluded if they think I am going to fork out 7k+ (local) to entertain the idea of acquiring an iMac Pro.

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