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Online retailing FTW!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Meanwhile, over at Target Chatswood, they just ditched all the checkout points and replaced them with, *ahem*, ‘self serve’ stations. Well OK, there was one token cash register for all those poor folk that don’t like the idea of checking out themselves – or are not able to.

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The ecommerce store owner’s guide

Reading Time: 5 minutes You’ve done some looking around, worked out what you can sell and finally decided you want to hop into the world of e-commerce. For many that’s enough and they dive into it without realising that, just like a bricks and mortar store, an online store requires every bit as much effort, possibly more, than its analogue counterpart.

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Bike Shops

Reading Time: 5 minutes Now this might come as a shock to some retailers but I have a theory about just why you might be loosing business. The theory is simple and goes something like this – you suck.

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