The abbreviated guide to bicycle dynamics


But you don’t have to take our word for it. Below are the key references used in compiling much of this information. Look them up, buy them or hop to your local library and see if they are on the shelf…

Bicycles & Tricycles: An Elementary Treatise on Their Design and Construction, Archibald Sharp The MIT Press ISBN: 0-262-19156-3 / 0-262-69066-7/ 0-262-19156-3

How and Why: Motorcycle Design and Ternimology. Gaetano Cocco in collaboration with Aprilia Motorcycles. Published by Giorgio NADA Editore ISBN: 88-7911-189-2

Motorcycle Chassis Design: the theory and practice. Tony Foale and Vic Willoughby Osprey Publishing ISBN: 0-85045-560-X

Motorcycle Tuning: Chassis John Robinson Heinemann Newnes ISBN: 0-434-91724-9

Racer’s Encyclopedia of Metals, Fibers & materials Forbes Arid Motorbooks International ISBN: 0-87938-916-8


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