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For a span and some they inched their way deeper into the void; inhabiting, acquiring... plundering. With each forward step another layer peeled away, revealing a new marvel the universe had held close to its chest. And with each marvel, a doorway leading them deeper still.

Then, in what seemed like an instant, they vanished. Left behind, monolithic foundations spread over the void, the remains of their construct with no indication as to how, or why… or even who.

Dormant for an eon, their outposts and technologies, neatly ordered, lay in wait to be woken from slumber – the bones of a vast, ready made civilisation awaiting to begin once again.

And at the centre of this complex, a lifeless system and a planet that seemingly held the clues to what lay before; and what may lie ahead. Clues it would not give up easily…”

Paperback Covers
Paperback Covers
The Oddity Principle Pt.1
The Oddity Principle Pt.2
Paperback Covers
A Roll of the Die
How did we end up here?
A Moment In Time
Horizon Lines
Recalcitrant Technologies
Grains of sand
The Mobility of Archeology
Quantum Ropes
The Ignus Candidate