Box 2 Prime 9

By Gerard Thomas
box 2 prime 9

Reading Time: 6 minutes Paired with the right chainring (duh!), you just don’t need 11 or 12 gears…

160mm…. San Andreas Mk II

By Gerard Thomas
mountaincycle san andreas II

Reading Time: 5 minutes And hanging there, next to the Zen, it goaded me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME, I pulled the Zen off the rack until, finally, for some shits and giggles, I gave it another go; you know, just for the hell of it.

Talking the 9 Speed drivetrain

By Gerard Thomas
9 speed,9spd drivetrain,9spd gearing

Reading Time: 5 minutes What better way to mark a sporadic comeback to writing about bikes, than to write about something totally foreign to many in this, the age of 12x gearing.

CX’s growing success is Mountain Biking’s failure.

By Gerard Thomas

Reading Time: 5 minutes Originally I was going to sit here and bash out a piece about my bewilderment of the growing CX (cyclocross) craze here in Australia. As with most things, somewhere in the dark during one of my morning rides I had one of those epiphany things and realised I was looking at it all the wrong way. I won’t deny that seeing my IG feed filled with pics of guys who are clearly ‘dedicated followers of (road) fashion’ (yes that’s a…

Data Overload.

By Gerard Thomas

Reading Time: 5 minutes I had a new lust… a gleaming new Polar ‘device’ that is due out, the V650. A long time fan of Polar, as their HR kit is some of the best going, so the idea of bundling that with a good GPS and barometric elevation tracker was too good to be true. Bliss! Then I thought about it. The past few months has seen me back on the bike in anger. ‘Winter’ was a write off, three months of being…

Fold That tub!

By Gerard Thomas

Reading Time: 7 minutes “35 years on tubulars and I’ve never seen one folded the way you did. Share with us the techniques, please?”

SIT – Sprint Interval Training

By Gerard Thomas

Reading Time: 10 minutes I, like many out there, have been riding for far too long and have always worked to the accepted basics of mileage establishes base fitness and targeted sessions build strength etc. etc. Nowhere, in all those years, did I ever hear or read anyone saying sure, 2 minutes a session is all you need.

Pivot Point

By Gerard Thomas

Reading Time: 4 minutes Quite literally when this frame, a pre-production sample, was being welded up, frames for 27.5″ were already in production. That meant at least a year and a half prior, the ‘industry’ had already decided that the 26″ wheel was dead.